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Top 10 Hockey Action Figures

Before video games and fantasy hockey let us take control of our favorite NHL teams and players, people were left with nothing but actions figures and their imagination to live out their hockey dreams. While the toy business may not hold the same popularity as it used to, I decided to take the time and look back at some of the greatest mini-men to ever grace department store shelves. Below, I have compiled the ten most memorable, interesting, and funny hockey-related toys in recent memory.

Enjoy the list!

10. Dion Phaneuf

One of the most realistic hockey figures on the market, this Dion Phaneuf figure by McFarlane Toys perfectly mimics Phaneuf’s on-ice play style - standing still and doing nothing.

Dion Phaneuf (Macfarlane Toys)

Dion Phaneuf (McFarlane Toys)

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