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The Chicago Blackhawks. Just What The NHL Needed

The video above is one of my favorite memories of The Streak.

They say all good things come to an end, and last night one good thing did as the Chicago Blackhawks and their historic streak came to a crashing halt at the hands of the Colorado Avalanche.  The 2012-2013  NHL season started on January 19th, 2013 more than 100 days late due to a lockout which was the second we’ve seen in a decade.  Irritated fans all across North America and Europe had been disgusted with the process, and needed something to rejuvenate their interest once the season began.  Whether you’re a fan of the Blackhawks or not, they gave you that something.  A modern day run in sports like no other that saw the Hawks have the best start in NHL history by reeling off points in 24 consecutive games.  A record of 21-0-3, grabbing 45 out of a possible 48 points.  The only other NHL team to have a better stretch was the 1978-1979 Philadelphia Flyers who during the season went 35 consecutive games without a loss going 25-0-10.  The major difference during that era, was that there were no overtimes.  When a game ended in a tie, it was over.  It was still a tremendous accomplishment as well.

What the Blackhawks did for hockey however was similar to what Cal Ripken Jr did for Baseball back in 1995, when on September 6th of that year, Ripken broke Lou Gehrig’s consecutive game streak at 2,131 games.  The streak which took Cal 14 years to break came on the heals of a major league baseball strike that lasted from August 22nd, 1994 to April 2nd, 1995.  Similar to the NHL lockout of this season, thousands of fans walked away from the game of baseball never to return.  For those that didn’t walk away, Ripken gave a reason to watch.  There is no comparison to these two sports since they are so vastly different, but there is a comparison to the actual events, and what they’ve done respectively for their fans.  Even ESPN the sports mega network that has virtually tossed the NHL aside,  jumped on the bandwagon to include Blackhawks’ highlights on a nightly basis.  Point being, is that this consecutive point streak caught everyone’s attention, and has almost made you forget there was a lockout.

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Around the NHL: March 9, 2013

What better way to spend your lunch break than catching up on all of last night’s amazing NHL action that you may have missed! Here are the top stories and videos from the all of yesterday’s action around the NHL.

  • The Anaheim Ducks have signed Ryan Getzlaf to a 8-year, $66 million contract. [Yahoo]
  • Jump on board the Chicago Blackhawks’ bandwagon! [ESPN
  • Blackhawks winning streak ends at 24 games [TSN]
  • David Legwand scores from center ice [Fox Sports]
  • Dustin Penner comments on Ryan Getzlaf’s new contract. [Twitter]

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Early Deficit Dooms Panthers In OT Loss

After enduring an absolutely brutal loss on Thursday to the Washington Capitals that saw them put the Florida Panthers in four-goal hole less than ten minutes in, one would’ve hoped that the Cats would have come out Friday against the Winnipeg Jets with some urgency in their game. Instead, for the second consecutive game, the opponent’s first shot beat Jacob Markstrom as Florida spent much of the evening trying to climb out of a first period, two-goal deficit in the 3-2 OT loss.
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