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Hockey Fans: You’ll Be Back. You Know You Will

As we enter day nine of the NHL lockout, things are very quiet with no talks taking place, and most of us wondering if there’s any even scheduled.  Our greatest fear is that the longer this goes, the worse it becomes, and the threat of a lost season comes at a time when the game is at the height of popularity.  Both sides want the other side to feel some sort of pain, however in order for this settlement to happen, each side is going to have to walk away hurting, and give something up.  That’s how battles like this eventually resolve themselves.  Neither side is going to walk away after this is settled and say “yea baby, we got exactly what we want”.

Trying to take sides in this matter isn’t helping either.  I truly believe that until you realize that both sides are wrong, greedy, and foolish in their own way, you’ll continue to drive yourself crazy trying to figure out who’s more out of line.  It’s not worth it.  You probably have a better chance of scoring through the legs of one slick haired goaltender from the western conference before you can reason with one side or the other.  And maybe that’s why I’ve become a bit “numb” to some of this.  Sure, I’m upset that this past weekend fans across North America who should have been attending the opening of training camps, were likely glued to televisions watching another weekend of college football, and professional football that was being supervised by replacement officials.  Or maybe you were watching your favorite baseball team cling to their playoff chances (like me).  Point is, that you’ve temporarily found something else to occupy yourself, and while you do that, you’re forgetting for those moments about the lockout.

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A Note To Our Readers From Panther Parkway

As we settle into the closing hours of day one of the NHL lockout, I wanted to take a brief moment to write to you our readers.  While both sides are hopefully able to find a quick resolution to this situation, we here at Panther Parkway will continue on with business as usual.

Our coverage of the Florida Panthers, their affiliates such as the San Antonio Rampage, will continue daily.  In addition we will bring you updates on the CBA negotiations, and all other NHL news that we feel is vital.  Don’t be surprised to see some alternative items of interest as well just to shake things up, and keep you coming back.  I know for a fact a couple of our writers have some interesting things planned as do I.

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Sunday Conversation: NHL Lockout: A Little Right. A Little Wrong.

The above video appeared on CBC in mid August.  Not much has changed since then.

This article isn’t about taking sides, or making either one look better than the other.  It’s also not about who’s going to suffer the most, or why this lockout is foolish, which it is.  It’s about a better understanding of what’s taken place to get us where we are right now, and why both sides are right, and why both sides are wrong.  On Friday morning as I was driving to a meeting I happened to put on NHL Home Ice just as former Florida Panther head coach Doug MacLean was coming on.  Not knowing what Doug was going to talk about, I listened.  He has just the right amount of passion, smarts, and dry humor to always catch my attention, and this time was no different.  My summary is not verbatim, just my interpretation of what was being said.  I’m not an expert on the situation, nor do I hold MacLean as the expert either.  I do believe however that his points, which are directed at both sides make sense (I feel like that was my disclaimer).

The bulk of his time on the air focused around the NHL lockout and how the league and players found itself to be in the position that they’re in.  Most of what separates the two sides is money of course.  Each wants more, and neither appears to be too interested in making concessions to accept less.  There’s been a great deal of discussion about the math and the numbers that separate the two sides, and that was one of the first things that Doug had trouble with.  One side says that it’s a 7% spread that keeps the two apart, while the other side claims it’s 17.5% keeping them at odds.  Like me, Doug has a hard time understanding how two intelligent men can be so far off…but they are. Read the rest of this entry


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