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Despite Lockout, Plenty Of Live Hockey On Tap For Floridians

Photo Credit: Nino Barberi via Wikipedia Commons

Well, here we are once again, my friends.

I think we, as fans, figured that after losing a season to the last lockout, that there would be no way we’d have another work stoppage so soon but, here we are. As of 12:00 am this past Sunday morning, the National Hockey League, and NHL Players Association, had not come to a new collective bargaining agreement so we’re right back where we were in September 2004.

And while we’ve all been looking forward to piling into Saveology Iceplex to see how Jonathan Huberdeau and Quinton Howden fit into the team’s veteran roster this training camp, it looks like we could be waiting a while. Perhaps a long while. Thankfully, the NHL is not the only option for hockey if you can’t wait for the league and players to agree to see a game live. There is no American Hockey League affiliate and there is no system like the Canadian junior leagues but, the game’s growth here has given way to a variety of ways to draw you into a beautifully cold rink as the September, South Florida heat persists.
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Need Some Hockey? How About the FAU Owls?

Let’s face it.  You like hockey.  No, you love hockey.  Don’t try to deny because you know that I’m right.  By watching videos like the one above, we all know how we yearn for the excitement of the game.  With the NHL lockout in full swing, and the threat of the season not starting for quite some time,  you can still get your “hockey fix”, and it’s literally right in your own backyard.  The FAU Owls who are coached by former Florida Panther tough guy, Peter Worrell,  and play all of their home games at the Saveology Iceplex in Coral Springs where the Florida Panthers practice.

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